I really miss mixed tapes and wish people would still make them. I’m the world’s worst when it comes to words – I try my hardest but still fumble… Which is odd considering how much I love to read, how small quotes mean so much to me, and how, sometimes, I write good enough. But ultimately the FEELING part – it just doesn’t translate the same, I guess. It does when it’s coming to me, but not from me out loud. Not that I don’t mean it when I speak, but 9 times out of 10, believe you me, there’s some stuff I have left out that I will kick myself over. Music has always been my go-to in saying what I don’t know how to say, usually the things to people I care about the most – whether it is a kickass friend or somebody I was crazy about. A playlist, at least in my mind, is the most intimate thing that you can share with a person. Especially if you built it for them. Back in the day of actual cassettes – when all the agonizing over emotionally true, yet COOLEST SONGS POSSIBLE was complete, when all the pain-staking analysis of your tape, and it’s flow and direction finally  satisfactory- you have a piece of you left, of all of the feeling and words translated into a freaking TAPE – and you got to give the glorious masterpiece to the person. And if you got one back – that excitement when you got to hear, in its purest form what that person was feeling. I used to have BOXES full of tapes – ones that I made for specific things, like getting psyched up before doing something I didn’t want to do (like going to the dentist or something), ones made for specific trips, etc etc the list goes on. And I had tapes that I had gotten from friends and crushes, little pieces of them. Just by looking at a tape I could tell you who made it and what it was for. They were treasures. WHY don’t people do that anymore? Fine, I’ll take a CD but because it’s kind of the same but BRING BACK THE MIXTAPE!!!


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