I don’t know why I stopped taking pictures because I love it. Especially pictures of people when they have no idea that you are taking them. Those moments when they are being silly, laughing, or doing something that they love; you see THEM in their purest state. No poses, no fucks given, no filters or bullshit.

I don’t have ugly people for friends, period. I don’t mean that in a shallow way. Yes, all of them are physically attractive, but they all have this unique spark in them that surpasses translation. Sheer beauty. That word – beauty- gets tossed around too much so it bothers me to use it. But anyway. Oddly enough, it’s those friends that shine the brightest that have NO IDEA how beautiful they are.

So that’s what I want to do with my life. I want to make everything beautiful. I want to catch those moments when people don’t know or don’t care that anybody is watching and document it. If you think about it – if we saw ourselves as if we were a totally different person, I honestly do not believe we would recognize ourselves. We only see ourselves in pictures and in the mirror. We don’t see those moments. Our perceptions are badly fun house distorted by our darkest moments. So most people don’t realize that they are even THERE.

So that’s what I’m gonna do, take pictures and show them, look you’ve got it all twisted – THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY LOOK LIKE. Never doubt yourself again, ever. And if you do, I’ve got 500 equally as gorgeous pictures I can pull out as needed. Whenever, wherever.

Also I’m super proud and inspired by my friend Starr. She played her first show in forever last night and it was truly.. wow. Seemed like as soon as people heard her voice, they just stopped what they were doing, shut up, and listened. I’ve been to alot of shows but I think that was one of the best, by far. That’s like the type of talent where you’re like dude why are you here? Why are you not playing to packed out amphitheatres and winning awards? A beautiful friend, like what I spoke of, that has no idea that she is.