You know how they say that everything happens for a reason? Yeah I’ve always thought that was the most annoying response ever. I think it annoys me because, even though I know deep down that is the fucking reason, I will push and push for a more explicit answer. The thing is that you don’t get one handed to you. Here’s some shit I put up a whiiiile ago but didn’t understand when typing


So. Since this is true, then this must be also.

Everything and everyone you ever met in your life is specifically fucking put there so you can learn something from it. You can’t control anybody else… I think most people subconsciously try out of fear… but I think you are the one that is supposed to do something about it. You pick if you want to learn the lesson or not. But if you don’t then you better believe that shit will haunt you and manifest itself over and over and over again until you either learn it or fucking die. Whichever happens first.

Sooo. For all my friends that are in pain right now… I know who each of you are… You gotta stop trying to make it go away. You will never go numb to it. There is no shortcut. It will just come back in another way and hit you harder next time. I think you gotta invite pain in and tell it not to leave you until it tells you everything you need to know. You’ve got to learn how to suffer. Let the shit break your heart, stop trying to protect yourself. Now this is the part most people struggle with. Just like when setting your intentions (if you’re into that sort of thing), if your mood is off then it aint gonna come out right. You gotta say fuck it with all of your being. Detach, don’t say fuck it to cheat the gods, secretly really caring and thinking it’s a clever way to get what you desire. Your very wanting of that thing is a tension that the method is unlikely to be able to break down. Aims, attachments, myriads of meanings are all forms of tension. So the most advanced relaxation method you’ll ever find is not caring and not wanting… saying fuck it!

Give up wanting anything and everything will come. (But of course you can’t want that). The moment you stop caring so much – clinging and desperate- is the moment things will start to shift. Then you turn around and you help somebody else get through.

I realize that everyone probably understands this already but whatevs. Fucking gesundheit for me