Do you really want an answer to that question? Do you really want to know why the innocent suffer? I don’t think that you do. Once you understand why the innocent suffer you can come  peace with the suffering because now you have an explanation. If a woman in a hospital screaming in agony you worry for her, until you realize she’s in the maternity ward. Once you know she is giving birth the suffering no longer matters as much because you know the cause. We don’t know why suffering happens, we want an end to the suffering. If we could justify the suffering of innocents we would be able to tolerate it and no longer be sensitive to the pain. It is good for us to see the suffering of others, because it drives us and compels us to act on that suffering and try to end it. So, maybe, rather than being angry at God, you might try going out and HELPING to alleviate suffering where you find it.