Still feeling crummy but I’m so super stoked on god/whatever you wanna call it right now that I care INFINITY ZERO. Imma crush this day anyway. Don’t get me wrong, nothing in life is ever perfect. But I feel like there’s a wave of good headed my way and you better believe imma swim out and ride that. And if my ship don’t come in, I will swim out to it.

Moreover, it makes my heart happy to see good things FINALLY come to good people when they’ve been down. I have seen that alot lately and it makes me wanna celebrate. Nothing hurts my soul more than seeing other people in pain, not even my own pain. If I could swallow all that pain to keep others from catching a taste, I would do it without hesitation. I grow through giving. It’s a simple concept that makes a whole lot of sense. Sometimes it’s caused me pain but in the end I don’t need much in life, helping others to find their smiles again… well that’s worth it. Call me what you want – I’ll accept it. The fool, the idealist, the dreamer. Maybe I am those things. But despite the weird paradox of all those things, which I have tried to hide in the past because it makes me feel vulnerable, weak, and soft – and the tough-as-nails persona that I for some reason have, you will never find anyone with a more gigantic heart and geniune LOVE for others. If I give you something… time, attention, loyalty, advice, actual tangible things… I don’t need jack in return – that would be stealing somebody else’s joy when they need it the most, and that, my amigos, just ain’t my style. I truly love my friends. I mean it when I say I’m always around. Sometimes words fail me. I can’t always fix it. I try, hard. But I will go to war for you when everyone else runs for the hills like a coward. I will stand solid by your side always encouraging, but letting you journey through life however you want to – without judgment. Regardless of what you have done or what you do. I believe in you dudes, and that is eternal. Even when you stop believing in yourself.

Just wanted my peeps to know that.