Honor yourself. It’s not self indulgent it’s survival. Honor your pace and how far you have grown as a human being from the person you were yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago etc. Have goals for future growth but don’t overthink them. Let it happen organically because it will anyway. You don’t always need to know details. I know that part always freaks me out. Other people may not honor you 365 24/7. Other people may try to use you like a tourniquet to try and starve off their own crap. It doesn’t matter. Clap for yourself, celebrate your self. In a society that is based on self doubt, self hatred and dependency… immediate gratification and an addiction to approval, loving yourself is the most rebellious act. That noise is not your currency.

This is the vibe I’m picking up and putting down for me and for my friends today. Stop doing that shit or I’ll kick your ass, all of you. 

Now you teach me everything you know.