Today has been great. Sometimes there’s not much greater than a hard day’s work, kickin the shit out of today with a friend. I have been bombing the ever loving shit out of my friends’ timelines/newsfeeds/etc social media psycho babble and I’m sure they are all annoyed af with me. I have been sharing a shit ton of things I appreciate because I’m in such a great mood. I usually do so much anyway that I guess I’m always in a great mood- and I’m sure that is annoying. I’m the happy gnat of social media. I posted a bunch of random meaningful things (per usual), saying it was the last thing I would post for today.

But I’m Dawn fucking Schneider, no way
So here’s my last post for the day and I don’t give a rats ass who is annoyed

Here are a few of my top all time fave moments with/about the girls but I may delete this because I will think of more and more

1. Obviously every moment ever
2. First time holding them and them looking at me and me thinking it’s the coolest thing in the world that anybody’s ever done
3. When one of the girls love something that I love that wasn’t like I had put it there – dancing to the ramones, liking the same toys, rocking the same shoes as Nora purposeful or not, etc the list goes on forever because they are so freaking rad. Ivy gets so shy and cute about it because she knows she’s cool
4. Rocking Nadia to sleep listening to Amazing Grace. I loved her when she was born instantly. That kid saved my life
5. Looking at Nora the first time; when she first got glasses and didn’t like them so I started wearing my glasses around her to make her feel better about it (she made me feel better about mine too); how she curls her lip up when she smiles and is so damn sweet. That kid saved my future
6. The first time I heard any of them cry and immediately wanted to cry also, and I do NOT EVER cry in front of anyone – no weakness/vulnerability ever under any circumstances
7. That I’m counting on them counting on me
8. That they call me Dee Dee
9. That these kids are like balloons that I’m the string for that I will always float away with, far away from the nonsense of the world. I will follow them on any adventure, anywhere anytime
10. The first time out of nowhere, Ivy played Für Elise