YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO TALL – 4 things for me to read when I feel invisible 

1. Nadia hugging me and saying “I’m glad you’re here Dee Dee”

2. Joel telling me that he loves me.

3. Hey just so you know, I’m really glad to have you in my life. Thank you for always being true to me and being such a damn good friend. You truly don’t know how much that means to me. A person like you doesn’t just come along every day and for that, for you, I am grateful. Never change yourself Dawn because you’re so goddamn beautiful. You’re intelligent, passionate, kind, caring, honest, always deeply involved with everything around you, and that (plus a million more) make up everything I see in you. If you EVER feel like you’re not special, just remember you are to me.

I mean every word. And they way you come to me pretty much every time you have a conflicted decision makes me feel very confident in my decisions. I’ve learned to listen to myself and use the advice I give. It actually works, believe it or not.

4. You are life. You are everything I love about life.